Pigments and extenders

Tinting Strength of a Pigment

1) Titanium dioxide – rutile

2) Titanium dioxide – anatase

3) Zinc oxide

4) Carbon black

5) Iron oxide

6) Calcite

7) Barytes – snow white

8) Barytes – off white

9) Soapstone powder

10) Synthetic red oxide

11) Yellow oxide

12) Chrome oxide green

13) Phthalo blue

14) Phthalo green

15) Permanent red

16) Permanent yellow

17) Toluidine red

18) Dyes  for candy finishes

19) Pearlascent pigments

20) Permanent violet

21) Aluminium paste – leafing

Aluminum Paste - Leafing Type

22) Aluminium paste – non-leafing

23) Ceramic pigments


4 Responses to Pigments

  1. shoyoola kunle says:

    how do determine type of pigment for different paint household and floor paint.

  2. shoyoola kunle says:

    can I use LABSA for my wetting substances.

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