Business Development

Your products and services are promoted to genuine customers. Important database of paints and chemicals  such as basic formulation guidelines,  material safety data sheet, technical data sheet,  supplier list, machinery & equipments, testing procedures, standards, technical write up, documentation support with certificate from recognized laboratories, expert’s views, important web links, reference books, journals, etc. are available on personal request.

Paint Consultancy

  • Paint formulation
  • Raw material development
  • New product development
  • Trouble shooting in paints
  • Third party evaluation of paints and allied chemicals
  • Technical service at customer end
  • Industrial marketing of paints and thinners
  • Technical Write up
  • Documentation – Product data sheet and Material Safety Data Sheet

Corporate training

Technical Domain

  • Paint defects and corrective measures
  • Colour matching computers
  • Formulation of different paints – basic
  • Testing of paints and thinners
  • Testing of raw materials for paints and resins
  • Metal pretreatment process
  • Nano-coating
  • Coating problems and solutions

Management Domain

  • TQM Tools
  • Quality Circles
  • ISO – QMS
  • IPR management – Trademark, Copyright, Patent search and GI

Job Coating

  • Phosphate coating
  • Nanoceramic coating
  • ED Coating
  • Spray painting
  • Powder coating
  • Floor coating
  • Water proof coating
  • Sand/grit blasting
  • Car finishing

Lab Testing Services

  • Pigment  and extenders testing
  • Solvent testing
  • Evaluation of paints
  • Testing plastic and rubber components
  • Salt spray resistance
  • Humidity resistance
  • Accelerated QUV weatherometer test
  • Bend test
  • Impact resistance test
  • Water analysis
  • Acid / alkali / fertilizer / water resistance tests
  •  Cross hatch test
  • Glossmeter reading in 20 deg, 45 deg and 80 deg
  •  Colour matching computer
  • Pencil hardness test
  • Metal pretreatment bath parameter maintenance

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