Container Conversions

Coating Scheme for finishing a Container:

Exterior surface:

Epoxy zinc rich primer  – 30 microns DFT (Dry Film Thickness)
Epoxy primer – 40 microns
Acrylic top coating –  50 microns
Total DFT: 120 microns

Interior surface

Epoxy zinc rich primer – 20 microns
Epoxy high build coating –  50 microns
Total DFT:  70 microns

Under structure

Epoxy zinc rich primer – 20 microns
Bitumen – 200 (for wooden: 120) microns
Total DFT: 220 microns

Note: Epoxy zinc rich primer and epoxy high build coating are not applied to the wooden surface.

Container information is available in the web site given below.

Container Yard

Containers in Good Condition

Scrap Containers

Scrap Container RPGU2037375 for Sale

RPGU2037375 container owner is unknown.

Container No. TTNU2400128 for sale

Please, click here to verify the container number.

Registrar: Bureau International des Containers (B.I.C)

Owner Code: TTNU

Company: Triton Container International Corporation

Country: United States

City: San Francisco, Ca 94111

Address: 55 Green Street Suite 500

Phone: 14 153 526 617

Fax:14 154 215 318


Web site:

To check the status of the TTNU container click here and enter the container code.

To check the dimension of TTNU container click here.

Container Details

ISO Standard for containers

Technical specification for a typical dry steel cargo

Dimension of a 20' Container

Container opened

Inside view of a Container

Cylindrical container yard

Positive aspects:

Used shipping containers are converted into storeroom, green house, office, etc.

A container converted into a house

Negative aspects:

Some containers are severely damaged and corroded.

Corrosion inside the container

Huge welded portion and severe dents noticed on a few containers

The reselling traders allow the buyers to inspect the container before purchase. The buyer has to negotiate with the reseller based on the condition of the scrap container. The trader says that there is no need to transfer the ownership document to the buyer. The container details will be given in the invoice and that should be taken as the ownership document. For further details please contact email:, Mobile: +91 9444929163

10 Myths about container conversions

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