Degreasing agent – additives

Anti-redeposition agent:

Used in detergent between 1% and 2%. Examples: sodium carboxy methyl cellulose / CMC/sodium silicate.

In liquid detergents polyvinyl alcohol or polyvinyl pyrrolidine is used.

Anticaking agent:

Used in soap powders – e.g. silica gel, calcium silicate

Liquid detergent:

Used in dish washing.

ABS + APEO – cheaper brand

ABS + LES+ LEA – superior brand

LABs(16%) + LES(16%) + LEA (3%) – economic


ABS: Alkyl benzene sulfonate

LABS: Linear alkyl benzene sulfonate

APEO: Alkyl phenol ethylene oxide condensate

LES: Lauryl ether sulphate

LEA: Lauryl mono ethanolamide (lathering agent)


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