Content developers – salary guidelines

Content developer takes different avatars (incarnations or roles) in e-Learning industries as teacher, subject matter expert, instructional designer, content writer, content developer, some times – visual repository manager, pre-sales  executive, curriculum developer, educational technologist, etc. There will be so many project managers to drive a content developer to achieve the unachievable production schedule.

Let us try to define each role.

1) Content writer: (Junior most level)

Skill set : Writing skill with flawless grammar, punctuation and editing , word processing, familiar with the technical terms depending on the type of project involved.

Role: Should write voice over script, on-screen text,  assist the instructional designer in storyboard writing and visual storyboard development,  involve in language QC in the final product.

Salary range: INR 1.5 to 2.5 lacs p.a. in India

2) Instructional Designer: (Junior level)

Skill set: Visualizing contents, creative ideas, strong in instructional strategy, minimum 2 years teaching experience, well versed in preparing slides in PowerPoint.

Role:  Should write storyboards in word doc. or in PowerPoint, interact with SMEs, visual designers and content developers, should involve in QC in the final stage.

Salary range: INR 3 to 5 lacs p.a. in India

3) Subject Matter Expert: (Senior level)

Skill set: Master of the particular subject with good teaching or production or R&D experience.

Role: Curriculum mapping, concept mapping, guiding instructional designers, conduct peer review of intermediates and final products.

Salary range: INR 3 to 5 lacs p.a. in India

3) Content Developer: (Senior level)

Skill set: Hands on experience in any three content authoring tools such as Captivate, Dream weaver, PowerPoint, Articulate, Joomla, Moodle, HotPotatoes, Lectora, flash, etc.,  some basic skill in any sound editing software such as sound forge, vega etc.

Role: Should be able to compile the visuals based on the storyboards, managing  the visual repositories, storyboards, storyboard discussion with instructional designers, visual designers and subject matter experts, involve in QC of final products.

Salary range: INR 5 to 8 lacs p.a. in India

4) Educational Technologist: (Senior most level)

Skill set: 3 years experience as content developer, presentation skill

Role: Should involve in QC and pre-sales presentations to the clients

Salary range: INR 8 to 12  lacs p.a. in India

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